AS300 | Review and Initial Cook

In this video, Bad Beast does a product review of the Asmoke Portable Wood Pellet Grill and cooks a slab of St. Louis style ribs. Check out the Asmoke Crowdfunding page at the following web address:

Asmoke Indiegogo Crowdfunding Link:

Visit Asmoke’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding page for more information behind their technology and features

1. About Asmoke Wood Pellet:

o Sourced from the apple orchards of Aksu, Xinjiang, 100% all-natural apple wood pellets for fuel o The pellets burn clean with minimal amounts of ash

2. About The Frontier Series: Traveler :

o All Natural Fruity & Smoky Flavor: Savory wood, apple smoked flavor,100% Apple Wood Pellet, all natural flavor, smoke food with apple flavor, no need for additional BBQ sauce

o Portable: 24.40in x 17.50in x 13.60in assembled unit, weights 42.60lbs,easy to bring it with you while going outdoors

o Set it and Forget it: Digital Temperature Control, easy temperature setting, does not require much grilling techniques, pellet auto loading

o Ready to Cook and Have fun instantly: ready to cook your food to perfection instantly, no hassles for beginners, enjoy grilling with friends and families, great for parties.

o Wide Cooking Temperature Range: ASMOKE’s temperature dial ranging from 180° to 500° F, could reach 350° F in 20 minutes.

o Total Cooking Surface: 256 square inches ample cooking space fits all your favorite meats, vegetables, seafood, and more.

o 8-IN-1: Bake, sear, chargrill, roast, braise, grill, smoke, and BBQ

o 4 Color Options: Classic Red, Navy Blue, Mint Green and Matte Black

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