Incomparable 100% Applewood Pellet Smoky Flavor


Authentic, Natural Flavor

We have a zero tolerance policy on anything outside of authentic, natural flavors. Therefore, all of our Pellets are made 100% from the fruit trees they come from. Just pure Apple Wood Pellets for that sweet and light delicious taste you won’t find anywhere else.

❌ No Additives
❌ No Blends
❌ No Chemicals
❌ No Flavoring Oils
⭕️ 100% Sustainable Applewood 

100% handmade soap bar

Sustainably Sourced

We choose our fruit wood trees from sustainably sourced farms only. Therefore, for every tree used to make our delicious pellets, more get planted in their place.

Within a couple of days, one bag of pellets is freshly sealed and ready to be unlocked during your next cookout.

100% handmade soap bar

Longer Burn Times & Greater Efficiency

Thanks to the high quality of our pellets, they burn a lot slower at various temperatures compared to cheaper variations on the market.

This slower burn rate means you can go longer without lifting the hood, as well as saving on pellets during each barbecue you host.

100% handmade soap bar

Clean Burning Pellets

We compared our Pellets to the market's best competition blend Pellets to compare the differences. We found the hardwood blends had greater temperature fluctuations and struggled to maintain their temperature.

Furthermore, the resulting ash was filled with oils and various binding agents, which also left behind a black resin-like residue. Whereas the Asmoke Apple Wood Pellets burn clean with only pure ash from the all-natural wood.