ASMOKE 100% Apple Wood Pellets


Our all-natural, 100% Applewood Pellets come from sustainable orchards and burn slower and more evenly than other wood pellets, so you can use less and clean less ash. The applewood flavor works perfectly with beef, chicken, vegetables--whatever you throw on the grill!

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    🔥 NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS: Unlike other cheaper pellets on the market, we don’t compromise the quality of our ingredients. What you taste comes only from the applewood trees. No additives, blends, or fillers. Only the most authentic flavors.

    🔥 STRAIGHT FROM THE ORCHARD: All pellets come from a sustainably sourced tree farm. Trees are cut, chipped, and turned into pellets over a couple of days. Bags are sealed for freshness so your next barbecue comes with delicious applewood pellets straight from the Orchard.

    🔥 ENJOY LONGER COOKOUTS: Thanks to the quality of our pellets, they burn slower and keep their temperature—allowing you to use fewer pellets as one batch takes you further. This also means less ash output and an overall quicker cleanup!

    🔥 MOUTHWATERING CONSISTENCY: Enjoy the same mouth-watering tastes every time. The light and sweet taste of these applewood pellets are perfect when combined with beef, lamb, chicken, seafood, and vegetables. Experiment to find new ways to enjoy your favorite dishes.

    🔥 PREMIUM QUALITY: A premium build pellet will help reduce blockages within your pellet grill, whilst burning slower and unlocking your taste buds with their fantastic flavors. Perfectly optimized for all ASMOKE grills.

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    Larry C.

    So far I really enjoy it it’s only setback is I can’t seem to find a cover for it? and it’s a little bit heavy.

    William G.

    The pettets burn great and add great favor to everything I cook from, baking bread, to smoking homemade sausage and bacon, to ribs and brisket. The ash is very different from other brands of pettets, and you can taste the difference. My only con: Asmoke pellets are very expensive compared to other brands for the same amount per bag, 2. They are hard to find in the local market. I only found them on Amazon and the Asmoke website. Please give us more places to purchase your products. The shipping costs make the price even higher.


    Fourth time I used it I wanted to try a four pound brisket at 250 for about ten hours. It was GREAT tender, moist and lightly smoky. LOVE IT. Now to spend my gift certificate. I will recommend it to friends. Eight days to Christmas and I’ll do a RiB roast

    Sustainably Sourced

    We choose our fruit wood trees from sustainably sourced farms only. Therefore, for every tree used to make our delicious pellets, more get planted in their place.

    Within a couple of days, one bag of pellets is freshly sealed and ready to be unlocked during your next cookout.

    Longer Burn Times for Greater Efficiency

    Thanks to the high quality of our pellets, they burn a lot slower at various temperatures compared to cheaper variations on the market.

    This slower burn rate means you can go longer without lifting the hood, as well as saving on pellets during each barbecue you host.

    Clean Burning Pellets

    We compared our Pellets to the market's best competition blend Pellets to compare the differences. We found the hardwood blends had greater temperature fluctuations and struggled to maintain their temperature.

    Furthermore, the resulting ash was filled with oils and various binding agents, which also left behind a black resin-like residue. Whereas the Asmoke Apple Wood Pellets burn clean with only pure ash from the all-natural wood.

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