A One-of-a-Kind Grilling Experience


What Is ASCA Technology™?

ASMOKE's patented ASCA Technology™ (Automatic Steam Culinary Applications) is one-of-a-kind. From start to end, ASCA Technology makes your grilling experience BETTER 🤩

The superheated steam technology heats your grill faster to start. And from there, it cooks your food 3X faster than on a traditional grill, enabling you to use less pellets and get food on the table more quickly.

All the while, the superheated steam technology also ensures your food stays moist and flavorful while it cooks. And even when you're done cooking, the cooled steam vapors inside the grill will sweep pellet ash from the grill ducts into the removable ash tray, making cleanup a breeze! 

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Superheated Steam Power

Superheated Steam Power: Not only does the vapor heat your grill 15% faster than a traditional grill, but it will also assist in cooking your food 3X faster as well.

🔥 Get your food on the table faster than ever without sacrificing flavor!

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Enhanced Flavor

Pour any number of liquids (sauces, cooking wines, etc.) into the designated tray and let the ASCA Technology™ get to work! The liquid will transform into superheated steam inside the grill. This micro-particle vapor will ensure your food stays moist and add a special hint of flavor, depending on the liquid you use.

🔥 Experiment and enjoy flavor you never had before!

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Automatic Ash Disposal

Once the grill has cooled, the remaining cooled vapor will then course through the grill's ducts, sweeping pellet ash into the bottom tray, which can be removed for easy cleanup!

🔥 No need to struggle with tons of scraping and sweeping to clean your grill after use!

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20% More Efficient

Another leading feature of the ASCA System is the heat up process. Our new grills heat up 15% faster when compared to previous grills, in turn using 20% less pellets than before.

🔥 Meaning your bag of Asmoke Apple Wood Pellets will go further than ever.

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100% handmade soap bar