2022 New Design


The best grilling experience ever! New AS700P premium full-size pellet grill smoker features the ASMOKE Skylights grill window and Hand motion detection grill light.

Now you can check your foods anytime you want and don't need to worry about smoke & steam loss or temperature drop due to the frequent grill lid opening.


ASCA Technology™

ASCA is ASMOKE's innovative, patented technology, and it exists NOWHERE else on the world market! ASMOKE BBQ pellet grills now come with a new tray below the grill, and when liquid is added to the designated section of the tray prior to grilling, the ASCA technology gets to work. The grill will heat the liquid until it becomes SUPERHEATED steam vapor at 600˚C. The vapor fills the closed grill, working with the burning pellets to cook your food. Curious to read more? Click here

Consistency, innovation, flavor

We’re BBQ Game Changers

We’re just like you. People who love trying new things, working with our hands, and experimenting with flavors. We had an idea to create a new kind of BBQ grill smoker: one that uses premium, sustainably sourced wood pellets, is made with high-quality materials, and utilizes brand-new, innovative technology to change the way people think about grilling and barbecuing. Learn More

Authentic, Natural, Sustainably Sourced

100% Applewood Pellet

We have a zero tolerance policy on anything outside of authentic, natural flavors. Therefore, all of our Pellets are made 100% from the fruit trees they come from. No additives, no blends, no chemicals, and no flavoring oils... Learn More