AS300 | By Grill Top Experience

"ASMOKE Reached Out To Me And Asked If I Wanted To Try Their New Portable Pellet Grill And 100% All-Natural Applewood Pellets. I Hadn't Seen A Small Pellet Grill Before, But I Knew I Wanted To Try It Once I Saw That It Could Get Up To 500 Degrees Fahrenheit. They Sent Me Two Versions. One Was A Preproduction Grill That I Used To Make Ribs, Roasted Chicken, Pizza And An Elk Steak. They Later Sent Me The One Offered On Indiegogo." - Grill Top Experience

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Pellet grills combine the dense flavors of fruit pellets with high temperatures to cook your food in a whole new way. Reinvent the classics, or discover new favorites. Use our Applewood pellets to experience a taste sensation like no other.