Package Discount : ASMOKE Skylights Wood Pellet Grill Smoker AS700P | ASCA™ & 100% Apple Wood Pellets


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The ASMOKE brand new AS700P premium full-size pellet grill smoker features the ASMOKE Skylights grill window, Hand motion detection grill light, and superheated steam ASCA Technology™. This is the most advanced, powerful, and trusty pellet grill smoker for both amateur grillers and pit-masters alike!

Elevated Cooking Experience: The ASCA Technology™ auto ashes cleaning and the steam circulation made the new Skylight grill windows possible and kept it clear even after hours of grilling and smoking to deliver the best outdoor cooking experience unlike any other

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AS700P Skylights Grill Window Design + ASCA System™

Motion Detection Light

Skylights Grill Window

ASCA System™

Large Capacity

Saves Pellets

Auto Pellet Feed

Superior Build Quality

Consistent Heat

Programmable Probe

Color LED Display

8-in-1 Cooking Style

3+2 Extended Warranty


New innovative see-through grill window system with hand motion detection light makes the best grilling and smoking experience! You can check your foods anytime you want and don't need to worry about smoke & steam loss or temperature drop due to the frequent grill lid opening.



Pour any number of liquids (sauces, cooking wines, etc.) into the designated tray and let the ASCA Technology™ get to work! The liquid will transform into superheated steam inside the grill. This micro-particle vapor will ensure your food stays moist and add a special hint of flavor, depending on the liquid you use.


Hotter temperatures for the steam reduce the overall time needed to reach internal temperatures. This has 2 benefits. Firstly, it makes the meat much juicer, tender, and loaded with flavor. Secondly, food is cooked up to 3x faster than other grills on the market


Once the cooldown process begins, the steam begins to cool and collect at the bottom of the grill. This helps clean the grill for you, as well as collect built-up ash. Once you’re finished, remove the pull-out tray to dispose of the ash, and empty the grease bucket on the side of the grill.


High-quality materials and detailed designs with large cooking capacity that's ideal for a large 3-12 group party!

484 SQ.IN. Main rack + 216 SQ.IN. insulation rack, totaling 700 SQ.IN. Comes with a 2-in-1 stainless steel side shelf. Whopping 25.8LBS hopper capacity ideal for continuous smoking.

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