Extended Lid for ASMOKE AS300 Portable Pellet Grills


Modify Your Existing AS300 Portable Grill And Smoker With Our Lid Mod!

Increase Your Cooking Capacity For Larger, Thicker, Wholesome Smokes With This Grill Mod Featuring:

- Grill Lid Dimensions: 21.7 Inch Length x 14.2 Inch Width x 6.6 Inch Height

-Additional 2 Inches + Of Added Lid Depth For Bigger Smokes!

Lid Mod Set Includes:

1x Extended Grill Lid

2x Matching Grill Legs

1x Grill Lid Stabilizer 


* Set Does Not Include The AS300 Portable Grill. The Extended Lid Mod Will Require You To First Have An ASMOKE AS300 Grill. 


🤩 This item is eligible for Free Domestic Shipping!

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