【PERFECT PROTECTIVE MITT】ASMOKE premium barbeque gloves all-round protect you for smoking, grilling, baking, welding or handling super-hot object indoor and outdoor, especially for BBQ lovers and pros. No matter what you use them for, our BBQ grilling gloves provide you maximum protection and safety.

【SUPER HEAT AND CUT RESISTANT】Made of A level aramid fabric, the BBQ mitts are certified to withstand temperatures up to 1472℉. Also, designed with 3 layers of premium fabric, it’s awarded by cut resistance. Fully protect your families and you from kitchen accidents.

【FLEXIBLE AND UNIVERSAL】The oven mitts fits most people’s hands, no difference between the right and left hand, and both sides can be used. Long cuffs will fully protect your wrist and arm without super heat and steam. Universal size allows your families and you to use one pair.

【EASY TO CLEAN】The flexible waterproof neoprene coating on this glove is available for dish-washing machine. It’s easy to clean, dry and store as a loop in the side cuff.

【SERVICE GUARANTEE】ASMOKE BBQ gloves pair is good both for new hands and professionals . We value the quality of our products, providing excellent service for all customers. If you have any questions about this grilling gloves, please feel free to contact with us.